Jason Ashley

Embedded Software Engineer @ Amazon Scout | CS & CpE UVA '21

About Me

I am an Embedded Software Engineer at Amazon Scout constantly looking to learn new things in embedded and cybersecurity. Between work and personal projects, I have explored many different hardware devices, protocols, and standards. I graduated with a degree in Computer Science and Computer Engineering from the University of Virginia.

Recent Projects

Robotany: Smart Robotic Plant Pot
Computer Engineering Embedded System Design Capstone

Published capstone project with focus on IoT, robotics, and signal amplification with noise reduction. Moves plant based on action potentials, reports soil moisture and plant growth to server to view in application. Worked on camera driver, sensor capture, ESP32 network connection, API, database, and mobile application. Utilizes frameworks based on FreeRTOS, Node.js with Express running on AWS EC2, MongoDB, React Native.

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Internet-Based Telegraph
Personal Project

An in-progress project to send Morse code messages over the internet from a board with a key-like mechanism. .Includes an ESP32, LCD screen, audio amplification circuit, lighting, and RTC to perform intended functions. Software stack utilizes Node.js with Express and Arduino.

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FPGA Wavetable Synthesizer
FPGA Seminar Final Project

FPGA course project that takes an input from a MIDI keyboard then synthesizes a sample for that note on FPGA. Worked on reading MIDI bytes from keyboard, wavetable creation/reading, and preparing/sending audio to codec. Utilizes an Altera DE2--115 FPGA board, a Raspberry Pi as USB and MIDI intermediary, Python, and VHDL.

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Previous Projects

UVA Scheduler
UVA DevHub Affiliated Project

Tool designed for helping students navigate the complex scheduling environment. Pulls from multiple data sources to present users with calendars and charts representing course data. Utilizes Python, Node.js and several libraries, and MongoDB.

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CS 3240: Advanced Software Development Final Project
Team-based project for course

A soon-to-be launched project from UVA's CS 3240. Utilizes Python, specifically Django, and related tools. Currently private due to course requirements.

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CS 4720: Mobile Application Development Final Project
Project for course

Improved access to UVA course information using API built at DevHub. Utilizes React and React Native, Expo, and MongoDB.

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Project developed for UVA Batten

Software designed as part of project to migrate images from local machines to cloud storage. Tags images based on Google's Cloud Vision API and performs certain formatting during upload. Utilizes Bash, Python, and Google Cloud Platform. Part of a wider goal working with Django.

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CS 4102: Algorithms Problem Design
Problem designed for CS 4102 students during Summer Session

A problem statement and test case designed for a section of Algorithms and used within the course.

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CS 1501: Metaprogramming Course Work
Set of solutions for course

Forked repo with personal work added. Utilizing Python and Java, explored some odd properties of programming languages.

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BrightSign Digital Signage
Project developed for UVA Batten

A project aimed at providing both useful and timely information for Batten students as they enter Garrett Hall. Utilizes basic HTML with CSS as well as the BrightAuthor software suite. Due to API changes, this has been phased out.

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Accessibility Aid Android App
Project developed for HackUVA 2018 under name Handiapp

A project aimed at providing up-to-date information on accessible entrances, utilities, and more for those who might otherwise encounter trouble. Crowd-sourced information allows users to take notes of issues and send in pictures for other users. Developed in Android Studio using Java.

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Orange County Public Schools Programming Initiative
Project developed for Orange County Public Schools, BRVGS Senior Project

A project aimed at providing simple programming lessons to those in Orange County Public Schools. Utilized basic HTML and CSS with some JavaScript. The GitHub repository only contains the early layouts developed for the project.

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Work Experience

Scout Robotics Embedded Engineer
August 2021 - Present

Integrate new feature requests and debug issues in firmware for lighting boards and "main" microcontroller in C, both in uC/OS-II RTOS and bare-metal codebases. Enhance ROS-based camera, radar, and MCU management drivers written in C++ for safe, reliable autonomous vehicle operation, significantly reducing MCU manager downtime and eliminating unchecked firmware version risks. Collaborate with external vendors and nearby teams to solve problems and improve products. Deep dive and resolve issues captured by metrics in AWS CloudWatch, AWS Athena, and system logs in AWS S3. Develop and maintain software architecture documentation and prepare long-term plans focusing on safety, security, and reliability.

Seattle, WA
Lancium Compute
Software Engineer
September 2019 - August 2021

Architected and implemented solutions for CPU and GPU process checkpointing and migration by managing devices and control groups using solutions built in C++ and Java. Designed, developed, and owned tools for containerization and remote management of compute jobs in Go and C, such as extensions to existing containerization tools to support requests to checkpoint. Communicated and coordinated operations with engineering teams around the world to release new products.

Charlottesville, VA
University of Virginia School of Engineering
CS 4102: Algorithms Lead Teacher's Assistant & CS 4414: Operating Systems Teaching Assistant
Summer 2019 & Spring 2020 - May 2021

Led students through problems towards success with individual instruction. Prepared and organize assignments and assignment schedules. Assessed student performance and communicate results to faculty.

Charlottesville, VA
Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy
IT Support and Student Developer
September 2017 - March 2020

Work with students and faculty to resolve problems through in-person support. Communicate with guest presenters to prepare and monitor presentations.

Charlottesville, VA
Student Developer and Team Leader
June 2019 - Present

Oversee and mentor groups of student interns through development of their first web apps. Help develop tools and projects for both students and faculty in a consulting role. Maintain and improve previously developed tools.

Charlottesville, VA
Roadside Chive Catering
On-Site Cook
Seasonal, June 2016 - Present

Work in a fast-paced environment with a team to deliver quality food.

Orange, VA


University of Virginia
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Computer Engineering
Sample of Course Work
Intro to Cybersecurity Program and Data Representation Science of Information
Intro to Embedded Systems Digital Logic Design Electrical Fundamentals Series
Algorithms Advanced Software Development Methods Operating Systems

Expected graduation in May 2021

Major GPAs of 3.825 and 3.832, respectively

Orange County High School, Orange, VA

Graduated June, 2017

Class Valedictorian

Awards & Certifications

UVA Engineering Dean's List
Awarded for exceptional academic achievement
Fall 2018 - Spring 2019
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2nd Place, College Division
October 2018

Highest scoring team from UVA out of eligible teams.

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CompTIA Network+
Industry Networking Certification
June 2016 - June 2019

Previously certified for network administration/engineering tasks. Preparation for certification also focused on network and system security.

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Volunteer Work

International Residential College
Sustainability Committee
Fall 2018 - Present

Develop initiatives for encouraging sustainablity, such as composting and "Dinners in the Dark". Organize and participate in community events that focus on sustainablity. Prepare and monitor communications related to the committee. New initiatives involve a project to track water and electricity use of over 300 students and report it in a useful manner.

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Engineering Student Council
Communications Committee
Fall 2018 - Spring 2019

Organize communications to the Engineering School student body and develop a historical record of Engineering School activities.

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